Magic in the Hidden World

Magic in the Hidden World

Just as in our world, magic is a mysterious force that causes an apparent break in the natural laws. No one knows precisely what magic is, or why it responds to the wills of sentient beings. Though magical rules work within particular magical traditions, the same results can be created by multiple means.

Types of Magic

  1. Ceremonial Magic - These traditions are characterized by intricate rituals and formulas. Example: Hermetic magicians, technomages
  2. Alchemy – These traditions are focused on physical items, potions, etc. They are frequently pseudo-scientific. Example: Taoist alchemy, Paracelsus.
  3. Esoteric Magic – Freeform and based on the willpower and imagination of the practitioner. Example: Wiccans
  4. Qi Mastery – Based on discipline and self-mastery, these arts are focused around self-enhancement. Named after the Chinese concepts, but they come from all over. Example: neijia masters, physical adepts
  5. Spiritualism – These practitioners make deals with or subdue magical beings, and act as a conduit for their powers. Example: houngan, diabolist, shaman

Narrative Permission Aspects

Magic is extremely difficult. Though there are a few basic magical rules that work for anyone, most people don't have the  necessary strength of mind, will or body to use magic.

In order to take a magical stunt, a character must have an Aspect that indicates they are a magical practitioner. Examples might be a high concept of Scion of A Magical Family or an Aspect like Raised by My Wise Grandmother.

If the story supports it, players can use Milestones to add an appropriate Aspect after character creation.

Magic in the Hidden World

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