There are several different organizations active in the Twin Cities area. Some are official entities, and others are underground.

United States

  • PALE - Paranormal Administration & Law Enforcement. Midwest HQ is in Chicago, but the Twin Cities has their own branch.
  • <<Name TBD>> – Security force that is called in if PALE fails
  • Paracelsus Research – Official lab researching alchemy


  • Highland Park Circle – large organization of practicing witches
  • Sun & Moon Pack – Loose confederation of werewolves. More social organization than extended family.
  • Bodhisatva Initiative – Promethean group working to integrate magical and "mundane" society. So far their efforts have been mostly attempts to convince other paranormal citizens to take the step. Few stunts so far, and nothing that couldn't be explained away.
  • Smaller groups – There are multiple small groups of practitioners. Organized along family, heritage or technical lines.


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