The Hidden World

Game Session - 6/9
I Want A New Drug

Dennis, one of the Snelling Street Irregulars, runs into Briar’s shop to report that LeShawn (who is Daoine Sidhe) took the new street drug, Oberon, and then screamed and passed out.  The other guys who took it were fine. Briar grabs her bag to investigate. She makes a smudge bundle to help the other boys who took the drug, discovering that it takes a lot of effort to overcome it.  On the way there, she is summoned to meet with Gladys.


Vinnie has received a call: He’s been offered a job tracking down the source of a new drug, and he’ll be working with Briar.  Jeff has also been called to this meeting, so he and Vinnie are becoming better acquainted. Gladys introduces them to an elaborately-dressed goblin, Kaylor, a Bailiff of the Fae Court of the Twin Cities area.  He says somebody has created a drug called Oberon, harmful to fae and magical people. It causes convulsions, aches, vomiting, coma, and death. He’s looking for information, including evidence that this might be an attack on the Fae Court.


Hoss (6’3”, 220 lbs, shaved head, shaved face, Mediterranean looking) takes Sasha on a tour of the Twin Cities, since she is not from here. They walk into the Electric Fetus and she is recognized. A slightly preppy white guy (Tyler?) asks if she’d be interested in trying a new drug on the street. She doesn’t take the drug immediately, thinking that she’d like to hear more about this drug before ingesting.


Jeff reaches out to Hoss to connect and find out more about the drug.

Vinnie calls Hoss and they bring the two groups together to compare notes.  Everyone meets at Perkins, and introductions done when necessary. Briar wants Vinnie to go to Electric Fetus to get the security footage of the guy giving the drug to Sasha.  


Briar splits the pill in her car.  Eva feels something strange in the aether when the pill was split — not extreme or dangerous, but meaningful.


In the Electric Fetus, V/H/J find the security tape.  They can see that the perp was waiting around for at least two hours before talking to our people. [I missed something here at the Xenon Zygote?] Hoss and Vinnie watch the video while Jeff searches around the store. Jeff finds nothing. Vinnie thinks the perp was targeting Sasha. Jeff gives the tape to a contact at FBI to run a facial check. Jeff and Vinnie both take photos of the guy on the tape to keep.


At Gladys’ office, Briar introduces Sasha to Gladys and gives Gladys half of the pill.  Eva surprises everyone except Gladys by appearing, and the four compare notes. Briar decides to drop Chuck’s case and refer him to an incompetent colleague to make Sasha more comfortable in helping with the Oberon investigation.


The men go to the Seven Corners area to try and buy more Oberon. They get a lead about college kids, but that’s as far as they get.


The women head to the hospital, because Briar wants to check on LeShawn.  He’s in a coma. Briar sneaks in to visit him and draws some blood from all the comatose patients in LeShawn’s wards, while Eva creates a diversion.


Then the menfolk show up and report, and Briar invites all back to her house for a bonfire and catch up. Where Dennis says Jimmy said he got the drugs from his brother.  Briar asks him to get her some Oberon, and she gives him a phone. After he leaves, we compare notes and finish introductions. Eva trains Boxcar to identify the scent of the Oberon drug.


In her all-night research with the blood she drew from the hospital victims, Briar learns that one of the Oberon victims is human, and she can detect an active magical working.  Meanwhile, Sven has left scratches on her door overnight, so Briar calls her contact at the PD to report it, and then calls Vinnie for a “secure, discreet” motion-activated camera.


Briar and Eva work on Eva’s poltergeist abilities. Jeff picks up Dennis on the way to Briar’s.  He got beat up, but he “got the stuff.” Gladys has arrived, too, and she heals him. Briar can See that the pill can do what’s in the victim's’ blood. Vinnie sets up a camera system for Briar.


Hoss takes Sasha on a history tour of the Twin Cities.  While they are enjoying the Hidden Falls, a man tries to sneak up on Sasha.  Hoss beats him in a physical conflict, and they try to question him, but they don’t understand his gibberish.  Hoss gets gouged and hit by a black dart, and they race to Briar’s for help, during which Hoss reveals he deepest secrets (and pretty much everything else) as she patches him up.  We discuss whether Chuck might be behind the attempts on Sasha.


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