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The Hidden World

The Hidden World is a campaign for Fate Core, set in an alternate world where magic and other paranormal phenomena are real, but hidden.

Differences Between THW and Our World

Because of the availability of magic behind the scenes, some events proceeded differently in the Hidden world than they did for us. Because almost every society has access to magic (and because I’m not a historian) the changes aren’t too drastic in most cases. In large part, the major differences arise during European expansion. Because the impact of European technologies and bio-warfare tactics were blunted due to magic, they were not as overwhelmingly successful, particularly in the New World.

In our game, the primary effect is the presence of the nation of Grand Dakota, extending from the Dakotas west to the coast. An alliance between several native nations and the spirits of the land enabled them to hold back US expansion in those areas. Eventually, the US government accepted that taking the area would have been too costly, though possible. Relations between Grand Dakota and the US range from chilly to adversarial.


The existence of magic, and its related technologies, is the largest change. Magical practice has never been very widespread – it’s very difficult at the best of times. Its existence has been known to a greater or lesser degree in various times and places. In the West, the Enlightenment and its emphasis on rationality and empiricism pushed the arts underground.

Now magical traditions are mostly transmitted through families. Though not all scions of magical families possess the capacity to use magic themselves, the knowledge is usually maintained.

The variety of magical traditions is enormous, and they are all effective.

The Twin Cities

Our game will be set in the Twin Cities. More details to follow.



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